Sunday, July 25, 2010

MoNtAnA: Photo Diary

My Grandparents just celebrated their 50th anniversary! The whole family gathered in Montana to celebrate this incredible milestone with them. 50 years in today's world is quite the achievement. They come from a different time.... a sweeter time. I can't wait to celebrate my 50th with Andy. I want to sit in a rocking chair on a front porch and watch as all my grandchildren and great grandchildren play in the yard. Oh how I will savor that moment.

This is a small photo diary of my favorite pictures and moments. Enjoy the beauty of Montana and the fond memories that were created.

The Loooonnngggg Drive......

I always love the long drive when I am starting my vacation (hate it on the way home). There is so much anticipation in the adventure that awaits you.

This is one of our picnics along the road. I think they are cute and charming.It reminds me of my vacations when I was little.

A moment to laugh with my sister at who knows what? I love pictures that aren't posed because they reveal real life.

Addi eating her dinner on the side of the road.

You see a million of these statues on vacations...its the tourist thing to see.

Yummy Ice cream in a cute little ice cream shop behind our hotel.
You know it is way overpriced, but it is too good to resist.

.... and smoothies

Moose Sighting

MONTANA: Big Sky Country


Swimming at Chico Hot Springs

Photo Shoot at the Cabin

Volleyball in the Front Yard

Hanging with cousins (once removed)

I have a thing for flower boxes. Just something about a box of
flowers sitting under a window makes me happy.

Deer grazed in the front yard everyday. We didn't seem to bother
them and we were perfectly content letting them make our gorgeous
mountain view even better.

My cute little family...

One of the great things about the cabin we stayed at
was that it had a wonderful front porch. Everybody seemed
to gather there on the down times of the day. I mean, what is better
than sitting on a front porch, looking at beautiful mountains and talking
with family?

The first day we were arrived there was a small rain shower that
came over the mountain and created a beautiful rainbow.

One of the most BeAuTiFuL things I have ever seen.
These are the moments that remind me how incredibly
creative God really is....

..... and then I look at this baby girl and I am astounded!

Are you jealous yet?

I love this picture because it depicts life at its best.... simple.


I have never been to Montana and NOT gone to Yellowstone.
Its just one of those things you always do..

Mammoth Hot Springs

Good ol' family photo

It was both Andy and Addi's first time to the park

I LOVE taking pictures. I am just starting to figure out

my fancy camera so it was fun to actually have interesting things

to photograph.

These are my cute cousins Kate and Rachel.

All throughout Yellowstone were these incredible
wildflowers. I was dying to take a picture of them...I finally
just stuck my camera out the window and snapped a pic.
I am in love with this picture..I think it captured their beauty and
wild nature well.

Yellowstone doesn't allow dogs on the trails anymore so
poor Herbie sat in the car most of the day, but he
got to see the waterfall.

Does your jaw hit the floor?...mine does!
This is the beautiful canyon in the park.

I slowed down my shutter speed to show the incredible
speed and power of this waterfall.


We went rafting this day and I didn't want to ruin my camera (or lose it),but
it was a lot of fun!


We FINALLY went hiking! I love hiking... you can
really appreciate God's creation when
man's creation isn't covering it up. You can
experience God's beauty the way it is meant to be.

This amazing butterfly landed on Kate's hand...

Wild strawberries lined the trail... they were small but mighty.
Sooooo yummy!

I love hikes that have a reward at the this view.

She is a girl after my own heart. She LOVED hiking! I mean
we hiked a good three hours and she never once cried.

Once again the wild flowers were calling my name...

Quick trip to the Museum of the Rockies


Our last day in Montana.....

we squeezed in one last hike before we left.

We hiked to a lovely waterfall

Finally.... some family photos

My Grandparents with their boys.

I can only imagine the trouble they got into as kids.

Rachel and Herbie were best buds

Em and Luke = LOVE

My Grandpa.