Sunday, May 30, 2010

We Have A FiSh On Our Hands!

Addi had her first experience swimming in the ocean yesterday. She LOVED it!
We knew that Addi enjoyed the water, but we were unsure what her reaction to the ocean would be. We quickly discovered that she is a fish at heart. She didn't seem to mind the salt water; she would stick her hands in the water and then put it in her mouth. Tasty! She is such a trooper when it comes to new experiences!

"Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone"
- unknown
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pregnancy Revisited

I hated being pregnant! Nothing about it was enjoyable for me.... I was sick all the time! I remember women telling me how much they LOVED being pregnant and I remember thinking "WHY"!?!?!? This picture was taken in the early months. My little baby bump! I think I was really pushing it out and pulling my shirt tight so you could actually see it. I remember thinking, "If I am going to be pregnant and feel pregnant than at least I could LOOK pregnant"
FINALLY a real baby bump appeared...... out of nowhere! Notice the how I am not wearing make-up. Putting on a cute shirt and jeans was considered a good effort in my book!

A weekend getaway to Colorado! I was 8 months pregnant and so thankful to escape to Colorado's cool fall air. I remember watching a lady, who was due at any moment, walking up and down the stairs at Red Rock. I watched her wishing that I was the one that was about to pop! I was so close... yet so far.

I look so hot and uncomfortable.... I didn't want to spend money on maternity clothes so I squished myself in my normal clothing. I think we can all see that it was a tight squeeze!

This was my 'last girls night out' before Addi arrived...2 months to go!

By this point, I was super uncomfortable! Addi was pushing up under my ribs and my hips were KILLING me! I think this was a week before my due date.

I thought Mitty just really loved me, but after Addi was born I came to realize that she was really snuggling with Addi through me. Once Addi was born, I was old news and she and Addi became best buds!

This is the reality of being overdue by a week... Don't talk to me or take my picture! Andy called me a "viper" because my words would sting..... oops...sorry!

This is the moment it all became worth it to me! I held my sweet little girl for the first time.... in awe. How was it possible that something so precious could be mine??? My heart was stollen forever! I think my next pregnancy will be completly different. I will know what is in store for me in the end and how incredible the little bundle will feel in my arms.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tired of being an oyster, she decided to

try life as a Pearl for awhile.

(This is a picture of my friend Leslie)
I love this quote! I feel like I have lived much of my life as an oyster; feeling average and underrated. I was never outstanding at anything that I did and I often felt over looked and unappreciated by so many people. I think that as I have grown older, I have also grown to become more comfortable and confident in who I am. I don't value the opinions of others as much as I used to (I would be lying if I said they didn't matter at all though).

I think a large part of my growth towards becoming a pearl has a lot to do with my move to Houston. I no longer had to be 'Elizabeth Walcheck/Walters' that everybody knew and expected. Here, I am not Barry and Dana's daughter or the perfect little church goer. I am not expected to volunteer for every single church event or behave a certain way. I am not saying that those things are bad things, but there is a freedom in not having a past. I am now free to become who I really want without everybodies preconceived ideas of who I am. This is my opportunity for growth and a chance to make my own decisions! Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful for my life and who I have been, it has made me the person I am today!

I appreciate who I have been, love who I am now, and look forward to the person I am becoming.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was looking at the definition of my name on These were my favorites (probably because parts are true of me)!


Very sexy, sweet, and innocent. Cares for others and is always there for "me". Through the hard times and the good, she is always there.

An Elizabeth is the ultimate woman. Elegantly beautiful with energy that attracts all personalities. She possesses the ability to analyze the nature of others' personalities, as well as, her own. This deep reflection and her directness provides her with the characteristics of a loyal friend and lover. An Elizabeth outrageously witty due to her high intellect, making her desirable to all sexes.

Can be nerdy pretty or not. Her hair is always a mess but she doesn't care. Her compliments sound like disses and her disses disceptively sound like compliments. Always in a relationship and loyal. :) If she loves you she loves the hell out of you, will defend you no matter what, will do anything for you. She only likes people she considers genuine. If you don't like her do not waste your time, she will know and hate you more for faking it. If she doesn't like you she won't be mean, she'll be short with you. If you are rude to her once, you might as well be invisible to her. She loves people that yell the truth even if it's rude, like kids and old curmudgeons. She's really funny if you like an evil sense of humor. It takes a lot for her to warm up but if she trusts you and likes you, you hold a special place in her heart forever. Think Emily Dickenson without the poems.

A beautiful Red-headed girl, who is probably one of the coolest people ever.

I can't leave out my favorite Elizabeth of all time...Elizabeth Bennet

Monday, May 17, 2010

Becoming a Pearl!

Yesterday was my 3rd anniversary with Andy. I have said it before and I will continue to say it for years to come..... God knew what he was doing when he created this man for me. I have no doubt that 24 years ago, God was thinking of me as he knit Andy together in the womb (and vise versa). He created him knowing that I was going to be one sassy/strong willed girl and me knowing that he was going to be so layed back and incredibly patient. Does that mean that everything is easy or way!But don't you see... that is the beauty of it! As God created us uniquely for each other, he also created us uniquely different. That means that we have to daily challenge ourselves to become selfless and to consider each other (I think we can all's no easy task). I like to think of it as a pearl being formed in an oysters mouth. It is a lot of work, sometimes irritating, and takes MANY years, but in the end something extraordinary is formed. It's priceless! I am so excited to see where God takes this marriage. We have both always felt that God was really going to use us in some way. We don't know what that is, but we are waiting with great expectation...

Now for a look back.... Memories of our relationship.

~Andy and I have known of each other for a long time. My first memory of him really speaks of the joys of middle school. He was in the gym playing basketball with a friend, but both him and his friend were wearing goggles (to protect their glasses)!!! I just remember thinking it was really funny and I truly hope I didn't make fun of him (although I probably would today if he choose to wear them).

~Our first REAL interaction was in Spanish class our sophomore year of highschool. Although I don't think we really talked in class, Andy did add me as his friend on MSN messenger (a sign of the times).

~Christmas of our sophomore year, I invited Andy to the Christmas Eve service at my church. Afterwards, he came to my house and had his first encounter with my lovely family. I am sure it was a bit of a shock..... we are a little crazy!

~My first date with him was to a Storm Hockey game.... I remember not really wanting to go. I made small talk about the stupid radio announcer. I really had no idea what I was talking about, just trying to fill the silence.

~Andy broke his leg at the end of his sophomore year... I decided that I no longer liked him ( I know, I know). Tried to ditch him, but my mom kept inviting him over to our house.

~Our junior year my sister thought she would ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. This made me extremly jealous and angry...... I asked him quickly... before she could!

~First kiss was on the couch in my basement....we were not dating yet. Silly boy! I made sure we made it official that night!

~Dated through sophomore year of college.... once again I called it off (well, more of a break). I booked a three month trip to Europe instead.

~In the mean time I took a mission trip to Peru with Andy. We were back together by the end of the trip. At that moment, I fully regretted booking such a long trip to Europe.

~A month after getting back from Europe, Andy asked me to marry him!

~May 18th, 2007..... We were MARRIED!!!!

~December 17, 2009... Our first child was born! Addileigh Grace Walters

We all remember those high school days. We are still a little akward, but beginning to figure it out a little. I was always terrified of boys! I honestly don't really know why....
The truth of the matter is that Andy was the only boy my age that ever made me feel completely comfortable. I was never nervous or anxious around him. My words didn't seem to vanish into thin air, as they did with most others. He was so different from every other guy. Most were cocky and full of themselves (or really strange). Andy had every right to be cocky (he was amazing at every sport her tried), but was completely humble and down to earth. He was mature, kind, patient, loving, strong, loyal...... the list goes on and on. He was everything I ever wanted and needed!

I can even remember the exact day that I KNEW that he was the one I was going to marry. I was driving in the car with my Mom and sister after a track meet my junior year. Somebody had asked my Mom if one of her daughters was going to marry Andy Walters. I remember thinking, "ME" without a doubt in my mind. He WAS the man that I was meant to marry...... and what a catch!

It really is amazing how much we have grown together over the whole nine years that we have been together. The journey has been incredible! The beauty of it is; is that the journey isn't over....we still so have so much life to live together (God willing). Now we have this beautiful daughter along for the ride. Life might have switched highways, but it only makes it that much more exciting.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Moment to Brag!

I just need to say that I have been INCREDIBLY blessed! My baby girl is incredibly BEAUTIFUL! I can not tell you how many times I get stopped by random people who think Addi is gorgeous. They are in love with her big blue eyes and little curls. I have never been so proud of anything in my life. My baby girl has become my finest moment, gold medal, and greatest gift.
I have never been one to talk to random strangers, but I have loved hearing all the stories that have come from having a baby. Little old ladies will tell me about all their children and how much each of them weighed when they were born. Moms offer advice, whether I ask for it or not, and everybody tells me not to blink because it goes so fast and to cherish every moment.
So often I find myself thinking, "I can not believe that she is mine" I WILL cherish every moment that God gives me with this beauty that he has given me!
I am such a proud mommy!

The Things That Matter Most

I love my family so much! My parents and sister came down this past weekend so that we could spend Mother's Day together. I hate being so far away from them and desperately miss their company. I miss our random laughter, conversations, and little inside jokes. More than anything, however, I miss their wisdom and advice. Yes, I can call them on the phone (and often do), but it is just not the same as having them right there.

Raising a baby is difficult and so often I just need my Mom's wisdom on everything from how to introduce solids to dealing with a stubborn child (yes, even for a 5month old). Dad is my "go to guy" on all the logistics of life. He helps me with insurance and financial stuff that. we as a young couple, have just not figured out yet. And then there is my sister..... she is my best friend. Oh, how I miss our Friday lunch dates and wanderings through Target and the mall.

........Life just isn't the same without them right up the street. I am SO thankful for each one of them and feel so blessed to call them my FAMILY!