Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photo Woes

I am finding it impossible to take Addi's picture these days. She is ALWAYS on the move... she never sits still.I know this is typical for her age, but I guess I figured that I have a pretty nice camera which should be able to take pictures quickly. I mean, it isn't the top of it's class, but I would say it is at least earning an A. Never the less, Addi is just too quick (and our apartment has horrible lighting which doesn't help). Sooooo... we tried venturing out onto the porch. I just bought Addi this ADORABLE patio chair so I figured... if I put her in the chair with a ball to play with she would sit still long enough for a good picture or two....right? UMmm... WRONG-O! Yah, the cat got out and everywhere the cat was, Addi was looking. Well, wouldn't you know it... the cat wanted to walk BEHIND the chair. Needless to say... I got pictures of the back of Addi's head. Awesome. So out of my attempt to get some new pictures, I got a whopping three (and only two I would deem as decent).

...... maybe I will have luck in 4 years. ummmm RIGHT!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Under the Acorn Tree

There is this acorn tree by my apartment and I have become obsessed  with it. You have to understand that it is not fall in Houston yet... not even close, but the acorn tree knows. She knows that this is the time of year that the acorns fall off the trees. So together we celebrate the beautiful season of fall. This tree has become my kindred spirit and friend. Every day Addi and I walk to the tree and pick up any acorns that have fallen off her long branches. There is no need to let them rot on the ground when somebody like me sees the value in them. I am collecting all the acorns so that I can use them as a fall decoration (once we move into the house). ....Maybe they will sit next to my fall candle.

Happy Fall

Ode to my Small Group Gals

It is interesting what you learn about your home once you leave it. I had always been told that Nebraskans were the nicest people in the country. Well, they may be nice, but they can also be extremely shallow. My dad likes to say, "they are a mile wide and an inch deep". Let me tell you something about these Texans.... they are a mile wide and five miles deep. I have been so impressed by their genuineness. Who knew that this was possible in a city of 6 million people.

We didn't know what to expect when decided to join a small group here in Houston. In all my experience back home, once a small group was formed there were no new openings. This has not been my experience in Houston. 
{This picture was taken a year ago. Almost everybody is in the picture}
God tremendously blessed us with our small group of couples. They all have such a heart to serve their Lord and a desire to know him better. The unity that we share is like none I have ever seen.  Yet, when a new couple joins, it is like they have always been apart of the group or when a couple leaves (which is usually because they are moving out of state), it is like losing family.
We are taking a couple weeks to spilt guys and girls. The girls are taking the opportunity to share their testimonies. Let me tell you something, these are awesome women with incredible stories. So here is a shout out to my gals.
 Ladies, thank you for your willingness to share your stories. I have been so blessed by each one of you and am so glad to get to  know you on a deeper level. You girls are like extended family to me and have made my move to Houston SO worth it. LOVE Y'ALL!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{Our cat taking advantage of the empty book shelves}

We (or I guess I should say "I") have been packing like crazy. We don't even officially own the house, but I am determined to get out of this apartment as fast as possible. Needless to say, the apartment is a wreck and I have no desire to do anything about it. I figure we are moving out in a couple weeks anyway, so what's the point. Truthfully, the mess is driving me crazy. I love having everything neatly in it's place, with the counters wiped off. This is becoming less and less of a reality, now that Addi is around, but I still aspire to obtain this standard...... some days. For some reason, I think that once I am in the new house my whole attitude about cleaning will change. I will want to do it..... right? It is my house and now some random apartment. We will see how this works out.I really don't know what has happened to me. All I used to have to do was turn on some "cleaning music" and I was set to go. These days, I turn on the music and all I can motivate myself to do is throw some laundry in the washer. Usually we work to raise our standards, but I am pretty much trying to lower mine. If I could just figure out a way to get stuff done around the house without actually having to do it. Hmmm..... Well, once Addi gets older I think the obvious solution will be what we call "chores". Until then???? ...... I am still working on that.

As promised I ran out and bought myself a fall candle. I REALLY wanted to buy a $25 Yankee candle, but there was no way I could bring myself to pay that much... they don't last. I let Andy smell all the wonderful fall scents and then pick the one he liked the best. His flavor of choice... "Sweet Treats". Pretty fitting for Andy, considering he is the one that eats all the sweet treats in the house. So, even though it sure doesn't feel like fall outside, it definitely smells like inside.

............ and just in case you are wondering, it did make me much happier!Sometimes it's the simple things.

Monday, September 13, 2010


{welcome to my grumpy/annoyed/leave me alone face}

It is just one of those days. You know those days when EVERYTHING annoys you? Yah... that's me today. My attitude is horrible. I don't really know why, I just woke up this way. Everything is frustrating me and unfortunately, Addi is the only person around... so she is getting the brunt of my frustration. I don't want to be touched, I am mad that it 95 degrees outside with 78% humidity, I am tired of dealing with house stuff, the apartment is a mess, and there is an disgusting odor floating around that I can't seem to find the source of. AGH!!

I mean today day is the day where even everybody's happy posts on facebook are irritating, but then again, so are the downer ones. I am annoyed by the people who always post these happy perfect posts. I mean, come on, nobody's life is that perfect and happy go lucky ALL the time. Yet, the people who complain ALL the time make me want to write on their wall, "Get over it already". So, hopefully your facebook post is neutral. I mean, I know that I am being pretty ridiculous at the moment.... REALLY...facebook status is what is making me annoyed? Waste of time. Pretty sad when you are annoyed at your own annoyance.

I just really want to be left alone. I want to snap my fingers and make everything in the apartment clean and in its place. After that I want to sit on the couch and watch a movie. I think a nice fall candle might make me a little happier. Maybe I'll go buy one later.

Deep down I want to apologize for this grouchy post, but I am too grumpy to really even feel that bad about it. So although this really isn't coming from my heart..... I am sorry for this rather depressing blog post .

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Andrew Peterson - Dancing In The Minefields (Official...

I love this song. There is something incredibly beautiful about growing old with somebody...through all of life's hardships. "This is harder then we dreamed, but I believe that's what the promise is for"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Daddy = Love

Addi loves her Daddy. They had slow start to their loving bond. Not so much on Andy's side, but Addi was only interested in her mommy for the first couple of months. I was her world. I fed her, rocked her, was up with her during the night, and spent the whole day with her. Andy was more then willing to do these things, but honestly it was just easier if I took care of it.

Thankfully, Andy had the summer months off from school and so I decided to hand over most of the duties to him... making up for lost time. They got to spend some quality time together. We even got to the point where I could leave Addi with her dad for more then a minute or two. Yay! That meant mommy could actually go out for a girl's night without having to tote little miss along.

Nope, it didn't take long for Addi to figure out that maybe her daddy wasn't so bad. In fact, she decided that she actually loved her daddy.... a lot.

Once Upon a Fall(ish) Day

Fall is my favorite season. I am a fall baby... my birthday actually lands on the first day of fall (every other year). I like to think I have red hair because it is one of the many wonderful fall colors. Houston really doesn't have a season change during the fall months. Basically the weather goes from extremely hot to just plain hot. I guess our fall season comes during the winter months. I remember the few leaves that do change were changing in December. Man, I miss the sound of crunching leaves under my feet.

These days, when I travel up north during autumn, I go all out in my outfits. I mean, I pull out the scarves, sweaters, and boots.... anything that can manageably be worn in 7o degree weather is yanked from my closet and thrown in the suitcase. I don't care if I am slightly warm, I WILL wear the cute fall clothes.

We have had one fall(ish) day here in Houston. We spent it at the Miller Outdoor Theatre (of course). My Dad was in town for labor day and I am convinced that he had brought the cool weather with him. It was beautiful. We sat on the hill enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the Mercury Baroque Orchestra. We had a delish roasted chicken, strawberries and Cheeze-Its (random I know). Even Addi was in a excellent mood and played on the blanket for the full three hours. It was perfect.

"Don't worry, I can help myself"