Monday, January 16, 2012


Some weekends just fall into that place between busy and boring and strike a balance that creates the perfect weekend. These past three days just happen to be one of those weekends.....

I don't know about you, but I love doing house projects which does, in fact, include cleaning out the gutters. Maybe I like it because I am not the one actually sticking my hand into a gutter filled with soggy leaves and sludge. I would be the one sitting on the deck sunning myself, sipping on an ice cold Dr. Pepper. It's such a hard job. Yet, even though I have literally not lifted a finger, I feel such an accomplishment when it is all completed.

Days like these end in fires on the patio where hot dogs are cooked in the appropriate manner.... meaning I get impatient of holding my hot dog  over the fire and end up throwing it in the microwave.

Even small group, on Sunday, was perfect. The ladies and fellows split for the night and it resulted in meaningful conversations. Tears were shed and in the end we were drawn closer together. Girls desire intimacy in every relationship, but there is something extra special when females gather together and peel off the masks that we masquerade in on a day to day basis. I believe those moments are tiny little glimpses of the types of relationships we will have in heaven. Beautiful.

Today was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. We piled in the car and headed to the coast where we were all able to breathe a little deeper. Hours were passed simply strolling along the boardwalk, taking in the vast spanse of water before us. These are the moments where we finally allow ourselves to switch our brains off and simply be in the moment that is before us.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Officially Official!!

Look what arrived in the mail diploma!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Just because my Junior High self would...

One of the blogs I read (and love) is Flower Patch Farmgirl. She recently posted this little survey and encouraged us to play along. No problem. I have always LOVED doing these, especially in Junior High and High School. The romantic side of me thought that some boy would read it and find me instantly irresistible and interesting. I can't tell you the number of times this tactic failed..... oh well, I scored a pretty awesome guy in the end :)

current guilty pleasure: At the moment, it would be the Oreos sitting in my pantry ( I NEVER allow myself to buy them... for good reason)
current nail color: I never paint my finger nails, but my toes are sporting a refreshing tangerine
current playlist: I just go with whatever music fits my mood

current read: Water For Elephants
current drink: Dr. Pepper.... ALWAYS!
current food: Tacos
current favorite tv show: Once Upon A Time
wish list: Just look in the current Pottery Barn magazine
current needs: more patience

current triumphs: running consistently  
current bane of my existence: potty training a two year old
current celebrity crush: Jake Gyllenhall (he stole my heart in October Sky and has kept in ever since)current indulgence: Once again, the Oreo comes knocking.
current blessing: my Dad's stay

 current outfit: blue sweatpants, gray t-shirt, and a red Nebraska zip-up hoodie (lame)
current excitement: IT'S FRIDAY
current mood:  neutral
current link:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ready to Run

I started running again. It hurts. I haven't consistently run in over two years and I am feeling it BIG TIME! I am verrrrrrrrrrrry slow, but I am up to 3.6 miles. I only need to get up to 13 miles by March .... no big deal. Haha! Yeah, right! We will see what happens.

I know a lot of people hate running, but I have always enjoyed it. It doesn't always feel good when I am sucking air, but afterwards is amazing. My body feels sooo good... LOVE that feeling! Watching weight drop off isn't so bad either :) I have never run to become some skinny minny, but I do have some baby weight to lose. Brandly really did a number on my stomach. I have gotten into all my jeans, except one pair and I hope to back in those soon. I don't care if I ever get into a size two or four.... perfectly happy with a size six; I think that is where my body is naturally sized. Not really sure how that would read on a scale because I NEVER check my weight. That's part of why I like running so much; I can eat what I want (for the most part) and still feel comfortable in my body. However, I think this mama is done with bikinis :)

Still getting used to my new lens.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mama got a new toy!

This lens has ROCKED MY WORLD!!!! I am so in love with it... you have no idea! Nikon 50mm f 1.8 SWOON!

Brandly Got A Haircut

I don't know why I didn't take a picture before I cut it. This is the best pic I can find that really shows how long it was....
He kind of had an old man comb over going on. After a little snippy snip, he looks much better :)

His hair cut turned out much better then the little number I did on Andy's hair (but we aren't going to talk about that).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Going to Be A Good One!

Normally, New Years barely crosses my mind as I sit on the couch and watch the clock tick down. I never make resolutions or give much thought to the up coming year. Yet, for some reason, this year is different. I still sat on my couch, drinking sparkling cider... nothing new or thrilling, but for the first time I am EXCITED for 2012.
I don't know quite what it is, but I think the Lord has some big plans for this year. I feel like I am holding my breath in anticipation.. just waiting. It's going to be good. Now, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. No, easy = complacent (in my book) and I am  SO done with complacent. I am ready to grow, be challenged... stretched. Those words are scary words but  aren't they exuberating?

These things may or may not be included in God's plans for this year, but I figure if they are deep in my heart then perhaps they are.

1. Go on a mission trip. It has been like a constant drip in my heart. Drip. (Go on a mission trip) Drip. (Go on a mission trip) Drip. (Go on a mission trip) I received a pamphlet in the mail, from my church, listing all the places mission trips will be taken this year. As I scanned down the list, it was like the dripping turned into a constant run and now I can't get it out of my head. In October a group is going to a Russian orphanage. I knew the second I saw it that I wanted to go.
We want to adopt someday and my passion for orphans is constantly growing. I don't know if I am supposed to go on this trip or not, but I will pursue it until I know for sure.

2. Spend time reading and praying EVERYDAY. I feel so lame. How long have I been a Christian and I still struggle with this? I want to know him. It's as simple as that.

3. Memorize scripture. This kinda ties in with #2 but I am finding the importance of this more and more as I get older.

4. Develop my photography skills. My new lens is coming :)

5. Run a half marathon. Oh my. Let's just say that I started running with my Dad and I have a LONG way to go. It has been almost two years since I have consistently ran. Feeling the pain.

6. Be Bold. I am ashamed to say that I am so often ashamed. I have fallen into our culture's belief that we must make everybody comfortable; that we shouldn't step on anybodies toes. Therefore, I never say anything that would offend people. Meaning, when it comes to my faith.. I keep pretty quite. What is even worse is that I only surround myself with Christians so I don't have to deal with making anybody uncomfortable with what I believe.... with what is true. That is ending this year! I am stepping out. That means I am going to have to deal with awkward and I don't do well with awkward, but like I said... I am done with comfortable and if I am really going to mean that, then things need to get uncomfortable. Does that make any sense?

So BRING IT 2012!

On a side note: The devil likes to attack when people get serious and I am dead serious... so keep me in your prayers friends :)


I'm laying in my bed tonight with a blanket over my feet. My feet are always cold, but I prefer not to wear socks as I am more of a slipper girl. I always wore slippers when I lived in Nebraska, usually well ino May and especially at night. I would go through a pair a year and would usually recieve my new pair on Christmas morning. Since Houston is considerably warmer in the winters, I no longer need my annual Christmas slippers. I think the last time I recived a brand new pair was two or three years ago (and they are still going strong), but I miss the feel of putting on a brand new pair and feeling the squish of cushion as you walked in them for the first time (as my old pair usually was worn down unil you could almost see though it). This has nothing to do about nothing... AND really nothing to do with this post. I have simply been thinking a lot about my slippers :)

Anyway, GOSH I feel like the past two weeks have been a whirlwind... certainly eventful! For starters, I GRADUATED (FINALLY!) on December 16th!!! WHOOHOO! Such a long story as to why it dragged on for so long, but I am DONE! What a weight lifted of my shoulders! Bachelor of Science in Family Studies... which basically means nothing. In Texas, all you need is a Bachelors degree and you simply take a test to get your Teachers Certificate. So, that's the plan... however, I will say that at times I wonder if that is really where the Lord is leading me. It's just not settling quite right. I used to get super excited about the thought of teaching and that doesn't happen anymore. We will just wait and see what he has up his sleeve because I think it's going to be good, no matter what it is.

My baby girl turned TWO on the 17th! My land, where did the time go?? It is so unbelievable how incredibly fast the time goes and it just gets faster and faster with each passing year. She will be 16 before I know it! We passed on throwing her a "friends" party this year. I think it is great to have a birthday party, but she is two and doesn't REALLY have any friends. We decided our money could be better spent on other things.... Besides she had three bdays with family! THREE people! We have had enough cake to last us a good year. (Excuse the dark/orange pictures)

 She is growing and changing everyday. She is so smart and incredibly challenging.... I am sure she will challenge me the rest of her life. Yet, she has a tender heart and loves her family so much. When she is being sweet she melts you and you want to stay in that moment forever. I can not wait to see her develop into the girl, teen, and women that she will become. I will do my best to guide and teach her... to be the mother she needs and not always wants. I will love her. I am so thankful that I am not alone and that I have a husband and a Savior that will be with me through it all ( I am going to need them).

I am thankful for this little guy too. I am pretty excited to watch him grow up too! He was only a couple weeks old in my belly last year. So glad he was here to spend Christmas with us this year.

Are you ready for some Christmas? My children were overly blessed by their family ... or maybe spoiled would be the correct word.

 Isn't funny that we spend money on expensive gifts for our children and all they really want to play with is some bows and a bowl? I think she had more fun tearing off the paper then playing with the actual gift.

 This is pretty much how I felt too after a week in Nebraska and a 14 hour drive home. Somebody please swing me to sleep and leave me be for a couple hours.