Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's the Random Things

    So there is not much going on in our neck of the woods. It seems like that is a first for us ..... well, at least for awhile. We have just been chillin' and enjoying the lasts breaths of spring before the searing Texas heat creeps in. Sprinklers and baby pools have become the staple of the past couple weeks and I am not complaining. I am perfectly happy sitting in my lawn chair while the kiddos do their thing.

      This is our dog (below), who I am NOT a fan of! It's not that he is mean, I just don't think he knows how big he is. If Andy isn't home, he pretty much just hangs out in the backyard and acts as my guard dog/alarm system. I have tried to go back there and throw the ball, but he insists on trying to chew my arm off or jumping on me. I don't particularly enjoy either of those things.

     Then there is our cat.... she is not too bright. I LOVE her to death, but she is too friendly and allows other animals to tear her to shreds. Her neck is literally like hamburger meat right now. It really bothers me but I can' really afford to take her to the vet, ESPECIALLY when I know it is just going to happen again.

     So, I have been itching for some visitors as of late. Anybody in the mood for some Texas fun?? I have a couch and a huge comfy ottoman for somebody to sleep on:) I think I am just missing home... maybe? Or maybe I am just really enjoying life, at the moment, and would love to share it with some friends. Either way, if anybody wants a little vacation, you are more than welcome :)

     Happy Easter y'all!