Monday, March 21, 2011

Strong Enough

So, I thought about doing these as two separate posts, but they fit so well together that I squished them into one. The link is to a song that I just heard on the radio. SO GOOD! If there is anything that I have learned over the past couple months, it is Christ is strong enough.... not me. If I could have had a theme song for my recent trials, this would have been it. The next thing on here is something I wrote months ago. For some reason I never felt like I should share it, but I think now is a good time :)
Matthew West - Strong Enough (Single)'2010

The Fork In the Road

We all face a fork in the road at some point in our life and they are never easy. Decisions always have to be made and both roads seem to hold positives and negatives. The hard part about these two roads is that you can only see so far ahead and you will never know what each one holds. It can be scary starring them in the face and weighing each option, knowing that each one will alter your life forever. Reality check: only one path is the right path….

So which do you choose? There is a battle going on inside, waging a war on what you know is right and what you think your heart desires. One road is familiar, it has been traveled for years. It was a road that always offered a steadfast river of faithfulness and love . Memories have formed beautiful trees that have lined the path… and they are numerous. So often they offered a cool shade during summers of scorching heat and the storms of life. Yet the scenery has lost some of its appeal as the years have gone by. Parts of the journey have been lonely and long and looking ahead, all that can be seen is a forest that is unknown. Rough terrain is guaranteed and many storms will rage before a clearing is reached. Yes, this path will stretch you and make you uncomfortable, but the beauty that awaits is unbelievable. Once the forest has been cleared an incredible oasis greets you and it is oh so sweet. It is there that freedom and restoration await with arms wide open.

Yet, as we stand at the fork we can’t help but glance at the other road before us. A road that offers an appeal that we have never encountered before. This road offers freedom and excitement. It is a path that is not well traveled and promises the chance for adventure and an opportunity to forge your own trails. It calls to you… so you take a step, drawn by the strange sweetness it seems to offer. Step by step you push forward, but slowly you notice that it is becoming harder and harder for you to move. The road that had once looked so appealing is becoming harder and harder to walk. It was masked by luscious green grass that disguised the truth of this road… it is a sink hole and you are quickly being pulled under. It is an unstoppable force that is sucking you down as you flounder for something to hold on to. It is becoming harder and harder to breathe and your body is exhausted. As you begin to let yourself give into power of this hole, believing that there is nothing us you can do, something grabs your hand. It is so strong and sure. The man that forged your path long ago is there. He created you to walk on HIS path and he is not about to let you go. So he pulls you out with a strength that you have never known. It hurts so bad and you cry out in pain, but the freedom is unbelievable. He firmly sets you back on your path, the one you were meant to walk. The very path he laid down his life on, so that you could have the freedom to walk it. No, this journey won’t be easy, but it is SO worth it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

First Swim

Don't you love it when the first warm days of summer spring creep in? It calls to you, begging for you to come soak up the warm rays that had been masked by winter's clouds. This was the first week that it has been warm enough to pull out the swimming suits. I love the way swimming suits smell... especially after they have gone for a dip in a crystal clear pool. The smell of spandex and chlorine. May be strange, but I think it is the best.. the smell of spring and summer days.

 We have been battling sickness for weeks in our house. Spouts of flu and throwing up epidemics have hit us in week intervals. Thankfully Addi hasn't caught the second of the two, I am praying it will remain that way. Today was Andy's turn to spend in bed and so Addi and I spent the afternoon taking in the full beauty and warmth of spring in Houston. She triumphed in the glory of her $5 kiddy pool.

P.S. My sister left me on Wednesday after a week of sisterly quality time. Can you believe I didn't take one picture?? Not one! I failed. I'm going to miss her! I was thinking the other day of what the perfect friend for me would be like. After listing everything off in my head, I had a revelation! Everything I listed was my sister! My best friend is my sister and always will be. She is my perfect friend. Move to Houston please, Em??

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cherry On Top

I have been thinking a lot about us lately. Addi, the baby, and I. I have just been wondering what that will look like. I am not scared or worried, just contemplative. Addi is still too young to realize that there is going to be a little person invading her world pretty soon. I wonder how she is going to react to her mommy (her world) having to divide attention between her and a tiny being. We have our days pretty figured out, she and I. Our days are predictable and easy. Am I going to be utterly exhausted by the end of the day? Addi was a hard baby. She would NOT fall asleep at night and I would be up until 3am still trying to get her to shut her heavy eyes. If this second baby isn't a good sleeper, I don't know what I am going to do. So, many things that are so easy with one seem like they could be a monster task with two...... but I thought that about one, once upon a time.

I have no doubt we will figure it out. This next little one will steal my heart, just as Addi did. We will figure out our dance and life will seem normal. I am sure I will look back and think, "that was much easier with just one...... or none" But my heart will be full and none or one will never seem as good..... and then I'll probably want three.... because I love them babies. They give my life so much purpose and are like the cherry on top of something already oh so good! Yep, we're going to be just fine.