Monday, March 29, 2010

The Trust Factor

Loving someone is a risk. There are so many things in life that could hurt or take that person away. Car accidents, plane crashes, kidnapping, sickness...... the list goes on and on. I have never been one to have a lot of fear or worry as I traveled through life. I tend to take troubles on as they come and leave worrying to the birds. As soon as Addi was born ,however, that quickly changed. Never before had I known such a unique and deep love as the love I felt for my child. I play scenarios through my head all day long, always asking myself, "Well what if this happens...?". I lay in her crib at night while thinking, "Somebody might break into our apartment through her window. How will I get to her in time?". All of these things show my lack of trust in the man with the perfect plan. The man who created her and holds her carefully in his hands. Christ.

I love the story of Abraham because of his amazing trust in God's unique plan. God asked Abraham to sacrifice "his son, his only son, Isaac". This is the very son Abraham asked God for over and over again. The very son that Abraham's decedents were supposed to come from (as numerous as the stars). Yet, without question, Abraham packed everything up and headed to the place where he would offer Isaac up as a sacrifice. Isaac even asks him where the sacrifice is and Abraham's response is, "God himself will provide the lamb for the burt offering, my son" Wow! That statement tells me that Abraham had complete trust in God's plan (wish I could say the same). We all know how this story ends (if you don't, check out Genesis 22). This is such a remarkable story of dependence and faithfulness.

I wish I could say that Iam in the same place that Abraham was in this story, but I am not. I daily have to lay my doubts and fears at the cross and believe that God has her in his hands. Trusting that he knows what is best for her.... and me as well. His plan is perfect!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Another One of Life's Adventures: A Dramatic Play

Scene 1: Elizabeth receives a call from her sister warning her to hit the road early due to bad weather. Elizabeth calls husband to give him the news. Both agree it would be a good idea to leave town early as suggested.

Scene 2: Frantic packing.

Scene 3: Couple driving through snow storm. Baby screaming in the backseat. Mother pulling out her hair. Father clearly stressed. Both decide it would be best to pull off the road.

Scene 4: Couple sitting in a cheap hotel in Hebron. Baby happy.

Scene 5: Next day. Roads clear. Family makes it safely to Wichita.

Scene 6: Elizabeth decides to get her hair cut. Watches as her hair continue to get shorter and shorter. Leaves salon crying.

Scene 7: Next morning. Family leaves Wichita. In car for 2 hours.

Scene 8: Three cars hit a patch of ice. Near accident. Family avoids car accident by driving into a snow pile on the side of the road. Stuck. Two cars miss family's car by inches. Elizabeth watches in terror as a semi looms in the distance. Elizabeth's thought process: 1. Semi is going to hit our car 2. Addi's side is facing the road 3. Lord protect us

Scene 9: Semi driver sees what is going on. Has enough sense to apply breaks early.

Scene 10: 3 hours pass. Family finally towed out. Family is extremely thankful that they are safe and back on the road.

A Selfless Love

As a new mom, I am learning what the term "selfless love" really means. As many current moms know, being a parent to a child is the most demanding and challenging task that one could take on. Life as you knew it is no longer a reality. Your life now consists of lack of sleep, little relaxation, and virtually NO personal time or space. This new creation needs every ounce of energy you could possibly muster and all the love that your heart can give.
Through this experience I have been given a small glimpse into the beauty of Christ's love for us. What an amazing love it is! Once my little Addi was born, I instantly knew that I would lay my own life down for her. She meant more to me than anything else that this world had to offer. Sound familiar? There is no way that I can say that I fully understand Christ's love for us, but I am blessed with a small understanding that I never knew before.

This is my diary of learning to love selflessly as well as my joys and struggles that life presents. Join me on this incredible journey called LIFE.