Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Easter is a celebration of new beginnings, forgiveness, and fresh starts.... that's exactly what we did!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Calling All Mommies.... I Need YOU!

One of the things I miss most about Nebraska is all the stay at home mommies who have to really stretch their budget to make ends meet.... like me! Now I have no doubt that somewhere in this huge city are moms in the same boat, trying to squeeze every ounce out of their pennies. So my dear mommy friends..... I want to know your secrets!!! Leave me a comment, a facebook message, WHATEVER and tell me all your amazing ways YOU save money......I would LOVE to know!! I am talking homemade cleaners, cheap recipes, frugal activities and crafts... ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! To show my appreciation, I will compile everything I learn on my blog so that every other mommy who is interested (and reads this blog) can pick up a few new tricks too!! Sound like a deal????

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Motherhood (and amazingly random pictures)

It is incredible how amazingly naive we are about parenthood before (and probably during) we become parents. I can't tell you how many times I said , " Well, if that was MY child, they would never get away with THAT" or " My child will smile and say hi when somebody speaks to them" or how about " I will never do that". Ummmm, yeah. We can make plans until we are blue in the face, but those little ones don't give a rip!

We try to tell all the newcomers about how plans fly out the window, but you know what??... they aren't going to get it until they experience it! I honestly thought I had very little expectation about how my baby was going to be, but when I found myself crying in the living room at 2 am I realized just how clueless I was..... as do we all. So, dear friends here is the top FOUR things I have learned so far (I know.... only four?? Maybe I will write more later, but for right now we are going to go with just these :)

#1 Don't Let The Hard Moments Ruin Your Perspective

Gosh, I spent so much time early on stressing over Addi crying and focusing on how she wasn't an "easy" baby and I honestly feel like I really missed out on all those sweet memories that I could have had. I look back on her tiny baby pictures and think, "I missed it!!!" I wanted her to grow up so badly, so it would be easier, that I skipped out on appreciating her chubby cheeks and baby coos. I am determined with this next one to savor those sweet newborn days... they are worth cherishing (even if they are hard).
Now that she is a little older (and a little easier) I so often find myself just stopping and taking it in. These babies have so much to teach us.... so much to offer. When it's hard, we push through, but when it is good we drink it in ...... deep! I try so hard to burn those sweet times into my head because I know they are gone in an instant.

#2 Don't Compare

God creates our babies unique... they are his masterpiece, why would we want to change that? Appearances can be deceiving!! Just because somebody elses baby acts perfect whenever you see it doesn't mean that he/she is perfect all the time. Sometimes I look at other people's children and think, " Does this baby ever cry?" or "Why won't my baby let anybody hold them, but theirs will?" Because they are two different babies. Addi is not a fan of being away from mommy (which is frustrating for me sometimes), but she is INCREDIBLE when we go on outings! She can totally fly by the seat of her pants and be happy with whatever I plan out for the day. My baby girl loves playing and is totally content playing by herself on the floor for a long time. All kids have strength and weakness, be thankful for the good things you see in your child... it is a gift from God.

#3 Take A Chill Pill About The House

Ok, my it is just me, but I like my house clean and orderly. I am LEARNING (process) that the housework can wait. Addi needs me more then my house does. PRIORITIES. I am not saying that it is wrong to want a clean and orderly home, but we can't let it tromp what really matters. Plus, the second you clean it, somebody is messing up again :)

See this baby doll?? It is such a huge part of Addi's day! She thinks she is a little mommy.... I mean we change the diaper, wrap baby in a blanket (a million times over) and take it on walks. I am pretty excited to see her pretending and being so nuturing. I am hoping it carries over to baby brother :)

#4 Take Advice With a Grain of Salt

Ok, I LOVE telling people about my experience as a mommy. It is such a huge part of who I am right now and I love sharing it with my other mommy friends. I think listening to what other moms have to say is a great thing, BUT you have to realize that you are your own person. Sometimes the advice another mom has to offer doesn't really fit you or your baby. That's ok. Figure out what works for you! However, moms do know what they are talking about and so sometimes listening can really help you out. When I see other moms try things that I didn't, I always ask how it worked for them. I guess what I am getting at is listen, learn, and take what works for you and your kiddo.