Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Concept Called "Waiting"

Hey Friends! I have missed blogging and really I won't be able to do it regularly for awhile. The class I was taking is finally over which allows me more time to do things like blogging (it is amazing how clean my house has been this past week), but our computer is broken. It seems there is a long list of expenses that come before getting the computer fixed. Right now, I am sitting in Andy's classroom while he is working a special event for his school. Addi is coloring on a big piece of blue paper and I am free to do a little writing. The filter on this computer is wicked tight.... I can't even check my UNK email account! I have a ton of random pictures to post and I think when our computer is up and running, my blog will look like a large electronic photo for all, right?

I was laying in bed thinking last night... this happens regularly and keeps me from falling asleep for a good half hour most nights. I was thinking that some of the hardest words to hear after praying and praying is.....

               Be Patient
                                   Leave it with me ..................
Andy and I have been praying that he would find a summer job to help with hospital bills in August (as well as to help with other needs), but every door seems to be slammed in our face. Last summer he did summer school, but the state budget cuts have been fierce and hiring opportunities are slim. Honestly, I am just thankful he still has a teaching job as thousands in Houston have lost theirs, but that is a whole separate topic. Anyway, he has been sending in applications for over a month and every application comes back empty. While getting ready the other day, I finally just asked " God, what do you need from me?" I have felt like the trials in life recently have come with long waits and just once it, would be nice if a need was just met immediately. I just want it to be taken care of NOW. As I was processing all of this, God literally spoke through the radio. A man giving a message on Christian radio said, "Just leave it with Chirst".......ummmmmm not what I wanted to hear. Just leave it???? Me?.... the most impatient person in the world?
I had to sit. Think. I guess I had always thought you had to pray the death out of things. I thought I needed to ask and ask and ask until it was answered in some form. To just LEAVE IT with Christ was a concept that had never occurred to me... it was just to.... easy. So, I swallowed hard and said "OK".  Who knew peace could come from walking away from something that you desperately need and want to happen? It still taps on the back of my mind, but when the tapping comes so does a strong voice saying "just wait".  So here I sit.. waiting.

Anyway friends, that's life!

P.S. I am still planning on doing a blog on how to save money, but I am going to need more time then what I am allowed at the library or Andy's classroom.