Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's "Fall"

       Fall, fall, fall... can somebody PLEASE tell me where fall is?? I know it doesn't really exist in our part of Texas but every year, I hold onto some type of hope that cool crisp air is going to roll in from the north (sigh). I just want to pull out my warm sweaters and boots and head out in search for apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and some piping hot cider. 

        Instead, we are still strutting around in purple shorts and bug spray. It's not ideal but I try to remind myself that January will be well worth the heat that we have to endure right now. I have heard rumors that it used to get much cooler here (hard for me to believe) and jackets were a requirement at one time or another. I guess we are just another victim of this crazy warm-up that seems to be effecting everybody. So, we will just smell our leaf blossoms and call it quits... we will light our fall scented candles and bake pumpkin muffins non-the-less.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kansas City

 Trying hard to get caught up... 

We spent two weeks in Kansas City this summer, while Andy attended a workshop. My in-laws were kind enough to drive down and spend one of those weeks with us. We had such a good time and the kids enjoyed being able to do some fun things. 

We ate dinner at some crazy restaurant that was like The Rainforest Cafe but with dinosaurs. Addi wasn't crazy about the loud dino roaring and kept her ears plugged for 95% of our time there.

 Kansas City Aquarium

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sea World

We had such a great summer! We were gone almost the whole month of July and spent time in three different states. I am just now trying to get all the pictures downloaded and on to the computer/blog. I really don't want these pictures and memories to get left on the camera and forgotten. 

This was actually one of the last things we did this summer but first off the SD card and so we will be going out of order. SEA WORLD San Antonio.... AWESOME!! I think it was my favorite thing we did this summer. If you have never been, you really must! It was such a fun experience for everybody in our family. Andy's parents drove down and met us in San Antonio, which is only a couple hours away from us. So glad we did it!

You could purchase little things of fish and feed the dolphins!! SOOOO cool!

 I think one of the greatest things about Sea World was the area they had set up for the kids. There was a great splash pad and climbing structures for the kiddos. Our kids spent HOURS in this part of the park. They also had an awesome block party with the Sesame Street characters. SO FUN! Addi loves Sesame street.... not so crazy about the giant characters walking around near her though :)

He is like, "who are you"?

I love this black lady getting down with Zoe

All the Moms were totally shoving their kids towards the characters... "Go stand by Rosita".

Don't you LOVE Abby Cadabby?? I DO! So does Addi.... probably because she thinks Abby's name is Addi :)