Friday, March 16, 2012

Sending You Some Texas Love

In our home the word "vacation" usually means going back to Nebraska. Since we have had the kids, I don't think we have ever taken a vacation simply for the enjoyment of getting away. Andy and I had originally planned on taking a 5 year anniversary trip to Galveston, but we knew that we would have to bring Brandly (as he is still nursing and I don't have much luck pumping). If Brandly was coming, it was kind of like we might as well bring Addi, right? So we scratched the anniversary trip for this year and decided we would take a little family vacation.

One of the great things about living in Houston is, not only are there tons of things to here but also in a four hour radius surrounding the city. I found a bed and breakfast in the Fort Worth area that looked promising.... plus they had animals which is always a winner in Addi's book.  Somehow, we ended up on a real Texas vacation.. with like longhorns... on a cattle drive. Coming from Nebraska, I thought the whole cowboy thing was a front to make themselves unique and cool. A front that I found rather annoying; along with whole attitude that Texas was somehow better than every other state in the U.S. BUT after living here, I do think Texas is pretty awesome (certainly cooler than Nebraska) and the people genuinely friendly.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

catch up

 That blogging break was far too long. For awhile I was like, "oh this is nice" and then it was suddenly like I had an itch I couldn't scratch and it kept getting worse and worse until I snapped. My Dad was kind enough to look at the stupid computer for me and fix it. Something was conflicting with something and something something.... I don't know. whatever.

 I thought I had tons of pictures that needed to be shared but it seems my camera was tucked away just as long as my blog was. I guess I figured that if I couldn't share them, why take them? That was a wasted opportunity. I still haven't mastered the focus on my camera.... practice, practice, practice. I can't figure out if it is something with my camera, lens, or me.......... or all of the above. It doesn't seem like it should be this hard. When I look at my camera screen, I am seeing a focused picture but once it's downloaded I tend to be disappointed. BUT nobody really cares about that so let's move on.

        Life has changed a little too, since the last post. We switched churches which was a big move. We loved the church we were going to but it was 30 minutes away and we weren't making any connections with people in our area. We also had a great small group but again, everybody lived 30+ minutes away. I felt stranded and alone. SOOOO we decided it was time to move to a church within Katy so that we could meet people in our area. It was not easy. Neither Andy or I are particularly good at meeting new people; it's uncomfortable. Really, it was much easier to stay where we were but we knew it wasn't the best for our family.

        So we did it; took the leap and I thought I was going to throw up. Ok, not really but now that we have officially switched, I am so glad that we did! The first person I met, on our first day in the Sunday School class, was a gal that lives in my neighborhood. YES! Thank you! That is exactly the connection I was hoping... no, PRAYING for! The class also has a playgroup that meets once a week. Sigh.  I can't tell you HOW BAD I have been wanting something like that; it just took us trusting that the decision we were making was the right one.
Guess who dressed up her little brother? She MAYBE has two more years left of this and then it's over.

       So anyway, I am back. Hopefully for awhile and more consistently. Summer is creeping up and soon we will be breaking out the swim suits. Happy and HOT days are ahead!

Clearly in need of a diaper change.