Friday, September 4, 2015


        I thought long and hard about my passions today. As I sat in the "car rider" line at my daughter's school, I jotted down a list and then immediately began crossing things off. My list grew shorter, but my heart beat faster because the things I am really and truly passionate about are the heart beat of my soul. They are the things that make me emotional and cause my eyes to tear up in a mixed up bag of emotions. These four things are my hope and (hopefully) my future :

1. JESUS | If you don't want to hear about Jesus and my relationship with him, I'd suggest not following me. He's it! My all in all and there is nothing I am more passionate about. I owe everything, EVERYTHING to him. My rock, my foundation, my LIFE.

2. MISSIONS | I am convinced that there is nothing more life changing than going to another country, experiencing another culture, and allowing God to use you in a new way. Missions has completely and utterly reshaped who I am. My life has been changed and perspective flipped. You want to know what's really remarkable? We think as Americans we go to help them and teach them because we have so much to offer, right? Well, I guarantee that you will be the one helped and taught; you will be the one changed. Read about my first trip to Kenya here and here.

3. ORPHANS/ADOPTION | I have had a special place in my heart for orphans since I was a little girl. I never thought that I'd have the opportunity to serve the orphans in Kenya or that it would grow into something that I'd want to do for my life career. I don't know if it will ever be apart of my life calling, but I pray it will. We will see what God has in store.

4. FAMILY | In a world where healthy family units seem few, I am pretty passionate about keeping mine alive and beating. I am very adamant about keeping our supper times sacred and always carving out time for each other. I am so thankful that I have a husband who works really hard to get home at a decent hour so that he can spend time with his kids. We aren't perfect. I still spend way too much time staring at my phone and not my children's faces, but I am working on it. Family is forever.

     Thanks for stopping by my little space. I hope you related to at least one of my passions and if not, I hope it at least sparked some interest in you. Can't wait to read all your amazing blogs this September.

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  1. I love that I have had such a front row seat to see your passions evolve and grow. From being passionate about Buckle clothes and the fall season to orphans and adoption. I love it. I'm happy you still love fall though. :)